Friday, January 1, 2010

You're not on #Ignore

The holidays were busy, yada, yada. And Tuesdays With Dorie did not get a lot of my attention this, ooops I mean last month either. I found myself wanting to bake my own things for most of the holidays. Emily stayed up until midnight for the first time ever. I'm up in the wee hours listening intently for her brother to get him out of their room before he wakes her up. They've been sharing a room for a couple of months now by choice

and I truly believe it's brought them closer. They actually play together now, and have fun for a little while before they start arguing.

Christmas was really fun, especially the holidays and just being together. We spent time with friends and spent a ton of time going between our house and the sledding hill thanks to all the snow.

And tried not to let cabin fever get the best of us!

What else? Baking, baking and lots of baking! Here's a sampling, and hopefully we shared some of this with you! A lemon shortbread cookie called Sables:

Then lots and lots of cutout cookies for kids to decorate at class parties:
And I did do one TWD pie which we ate for Christmas dessert, and I will post about later. Speaking of Christmas,

we got a Wii and it has been so fun to play together!