Sunday, October 18, 2009


Conner: Mom, what does a 9 and a 10 make?
Me: 910. (we've been working on reading numbers)
Conner: No it's not, it's 19!
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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Conner: "How many sleeps until school?"
Me: "Two. I'm glad you like school so much."
Conner:"Yeah that's because of recess."
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

First Snow!

Playing catchup is not fun, but it's the perfect day to do it:

(Thanks to the folks at NCAR's Earth Observing Laboratory for our favorite current weather tool).

After a little bit of this...

And this...

We hope you are enjoying your Saturday too!

SSWC09 Durango, CO

That's Single Speed World Championships which Rob raced in September.

I raced, hiked, had some beer, ate bacon, and then fell down, got stitches and drove home the next day. Bacon? Sure. After the 3rd or 4th beer station, there was a guy who had a giant pan full of bacon. If you wanted bacon, you were encouraged to drink a shot of Jack Daniels. Luckily, I was able to get away from him without the whiskey, but I did have a few pieces of meat. The story is best told in photos

The one and only DeJay Birtch. 2007 NUE National Single Speed Champion. Somewhere there is an interview of me conducted by DeJay which kind of scares me. Notice the camera on his helmet.

While talking with Birtch we were spotted by the NUE 2008 Single Speed National Champion John "Fuzzy" Mylne. I met him in Tahoe last year, and had a few PBR's with him. (yes, I do idolize both of these guys, but not as much when they are dressed like this.)

The first real hike-a-bike of the race. It looked like this for awhile.

Nothing fancy here, BUT you have to see the riders/hikers accending to the top of the ridge. See em'?

After making it to the top of the ridge, we encountered the 3rd? beer station. No roads anywhere near here, so I don't know how the keg made it up there.

My favorite shot. If you LOOK real close, you will see the train of riders coming up the ridge. Look in the middle of the photo. I was killing it seeing that all these folks were behind me!

On top of the ridge looking west toward the town. The lake you see is actually on top of a plateau, and main street is near the base of the "haystack" looking mountain you see in the distance. The lake is approximately 1000' higher than the town. (according to some locals)

Hope you enjoyed.

Fyi- Fuzzy and DeJay are the type of riders who get paid good money to ride bikes, that is their job. Some of the most interesting riders I have ever met. Here is more info you want it.

Busy Busy!

I started an awesome new job at a company called, which is also one of the reasons I started this blog. A new job addded to an already busy September with Rob and I both traveling to separate places during the month, and it sill only being the 3rd week of school for the kids.

And, the job is a completely different pace than what I had been used to, but that is part of what makes it really fun. Add to that everyone's excitement about our product, and our publisher's excitement. I switched jobs in part to have a more customer-facing role and that is already happening which makes my job really fun. I also work closely with the marketing team and they are a great group of people as well.

At home, Rob is doing an awesome job holding down the fort. Luckily, although unfortunately for the company REI is pretty slow right now, so Rob is working a shift or two every couple of weeks. That is perfect right now, as he can still get pro deals and discounts, but mainly takes great care of all of us.

And, the kids are doing great in school. Emily's class size dropped by about 10 kids this year and she is thriving in that environment! We just had a conference which she led with her teacher and both of us, and he said she is really 'getting things' this year, and working really hard when she doesn't. She's in a book group, where they all read the same book then discuss it. They choose the format on their own, and everyone's roles.

Conner loves school and can hardly stand the "5 sleeps" between each Thursday and Tuesday. On the other hand, that and riding his two-wheeler back and forth to school each day to pick up his sis, he is really tired many days so I think the schedule is perfect.

That's a snapshot of what's been going on with us. Today is the first snow, so more on that when I get some photos uploaded-because you know we're loving that!